Project for erasing digital poverty of Slovak seniors

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So-called digital poverty threatens tens of thousands of Slovaks. Seniors are among the population groups that have the most difficult access to online services. “We need to ensure quality healthcare, preventive consultations with doctors and easy access to services for the elderly. Digital skills are a basic prerequisite for seniors to be able to fully integrate into society”, said Minister of Informatisation (MIRRI SR) Veronika Remišová.

According to Eurostat data from 2020, up to 19% of Slovaks aged 55-74 have never used the internet in their lifetime. The state is therefore investing 69.4 million EUR to build the IT skills of seniors. In addition to professional training, the project will also provide them with free access to specially configured tablets or smartphones. Through the project “Improving the digital skills of seniors”, MIRRI SR will help seniors to navigate new technologies, learn how to use them or improve their IT skills. The project includes not only face-to-face and e-learning training, but also the provision of data connectivity and the distribution of tablets or other devices for seniors. Distribution of devices will start in 2022 and participation in free IT training will be mandatory.

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