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More than two years has passed since EBI Association from Jastrzębie-Zdrój (Poland) started to involve participants of Senior Care Project (SOS) financed from the European Union, to the digital world.
The group of people taking part in this EU project is in age over 60 years old. Not many Seniors were able to use Internet and social media, so we put an effort to develop their digital skills, specially that it was during the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown.

First step was to create a Facebook group profile Silver Senior e-Center, then to teach Seniors how to use smartphones, how to set up their personal profile on Facebook and how to be active in social media. The result is that Seniors are more and more efficient in this field and our Facebook group, which is having a good impact on uniting and integrating them as participants of the project.

Since then we observe, that Seniors are much more participating in our Silver Senior e-Center on Facebook, even that Senior Center was reopened and virtual meetings moved to the face to face contact. Seniors are writing more comments, taking part e.g. in the brain teasers and be entertained at home.

This success led us to continue Seniors digital education. In May 2022 we started regular smartphones and computer training in Senior Center. Seniors are very much interested in this type of workshops. They improve their knowledge in this field, which makes them feel more comfortable and safer in the virtual world.