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MemTrainMemory Training for Older Adults (55+) Linking Physical Exercise and Brain Training to Promote Healthy Ageing. MemTrain is an Erasmus+ Project Strategic Partnership in the field of Adult Education.

Project Memtrain is intended for professional sports trainers, brain trainers, lecturers, community workers and other adult education professionals who want to provide a professional training course for older people aged 55+ to improve memory and to help prevent brain deterioration. It is aimed at equipping trainers with scientific knowledge and important background information, but mainly with a step-by-step guide to conducting a sport and memory training course.

During the MemTrain project, seven partners from six European countries created a set of activities, which includes physical activities (adapted physical activity, Zumba, Nordic Walking and athletics) and brain training activities (brain training using both hemispheres of the brain and memory games).

Main outputs:

The project was funded by the European Union within Erasmus+ Programme.


Access date: 11.09.2020

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