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Seniors go digital – Promoting inclusive strategies for disadvantaged seniors is a project targeted on the adults 60+ (seniors) retired, unemployed, marginalised, in rural areas, with few opportunities, low-skilled etc.

Project aims are:

  • to offer disadvantaged seniors’ opportunities to acquire, re-skill or up-skill their digital competences to be able to become active citizens and socially included in the digital world.
  • to support systemically active ageing, access, social inclusion, participation, and personal development through the use of the digitalized learning eco-system, as well as through the e-services, e-governance, e-participation and e-communication provided in each partner country.
  • to upgrade the LLL opportunities provided by adult organisations, as well as enhance the teaching material and resources used to meet the needs of senior citizens.

One of the outputs is an online tool available in English, Greek, Swedish, Bulgarian and Italian on this website:

Available courses are computer basics and problem solving, communication and collaboration, safety, digital content creation, information and data literacy.


Access date: 04.12.2020