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The Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft Seniorenbüros e.V. (BaS) is the network of around 450 senior citizens’ offices in Germany. Senior citizens’ offices promote the voluntary engagement of older people and advocate for a good quality of life.

People over 50 are fitter, more active and more numerous today than at any time before. BaS plays a constructive role in shaping demographic change and provides impulses for senior citizens’ work. It stands for a realistic image of old age that is based on the potential of older people.

BaS advises local authorities and independent organisations on the establishment and further development of senior citizens’ offices and represents their interests at federal and state level. It offers advice, further training and specialist conferences and initiates projects that are implemented at the local level.

Professional support is provided in the senior citizens’ offices, including exchange of experience and appropriate framework conditions for volunteers and paying attention to a good culture of appreciation.

Many senior citizens’ offices offer help in the form of consultation hours on the Internet, PC meetings or counselling services by older people for older people. They are also committed to the digital and social participation of (n)onliners.


Access date: 01.06.2022

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