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In 2017, the Seniorenweb (Seniors’ Web) association was founded in Vienna. The goal is to make the potential of digitalisation accessible to older people as well. Particularly in crisis or emergency situations (e.g. illness, need for care, immobility, etc.), digital mobility helps to:

  • maintain social contacts
  • take care of daily errands
  • maintain independence
  • create a daily structure
  • stay healthy

However, statistics show that in Austria, even in 2020, almost 550,000 people between the ages of 55 and 75 have never used the internet. As a society, it must therefore also be our obligation not to leave older people behind on the path of digitalisation, but to motivate and support them along the way.

Therefore, the association has made it its mission to promote the following:

  • digital education and counselling,
  • digital networking and
  • digital volunteering

The main pillars are:

  • Events (online and offline trainings, lectures, conversations)
  • Seniors’ portal

*Digital knowledge portal (training materials around smartphones, tablets and computer use from Austria, Germany and Switzerland).


Access date: 13.05.2022

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