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Digital inclusion and active ageing: Developing a user-centered methodological approach to investigate the use of mobile phones among older people. Development of a model of user involvement for studying the needs, use, usability and benefits related to assistive technologies integrated in mobile phones.


  • The need of older adults to live at home for as long as possible;
  • Economically unsustainable health and social care systems;
  • Burdened informal carers.


Model of user involvement which is involving older adults and informal carers in 3

stages of the R&D:

  • eliciting user needs and generating design ideas;
  • evaluating selected mobile application in lab setting and real environment and generating redesign ideas; and
  • evaluating redesign ideas.


Potential for triple-win outcome: improved QoL of older people nad informal carers,

financial gains for the health and social care sector, new market opportunities.


Has been (and will be) applied by other companies and researchers, as well as within EU

project proposals.


Slovenian National Research Agency and Simobil

Source: UNI Ljubljana, Faculty of Social Sciences, Ceneter for Social Informatics

Access date: 14.10.2021