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The IT course for seniors focused on the development of information technology skills for seniors, through which they could improve their skills in working with a computer, tablet or smartphone, get acquainted with modern technologies and use them to improve the quality of their lives.

The main motivation for the creation of the activity was an indirect request from the community, but also from the 1st Private Gymnasium in Bratislava itself. The Gymnasium has long been trying to open up the school community to the wider environment, with the aim that pupils and students will meet ordinary people and experience a different environment than the one at home or school. In this way, the school creates and seeks out situations and contacts where pupils leave their comfort zone and meet people who are disadvantaged and live in different circumstances to them.

The 1st Private Gymnasium in Bratislava was awarded the Engaged School label for its project “IT course for seniors” as a finalist in the first national award in 2020.

The school’s award-winning activity focused on helping seniors in the Bratislava – Ružinov district.  It also responded to an article in the monthly magazine Ružinovské echo of the municipal district, which described the great interest of pensioners at the Ružinov Local Authority in IT education. In cooperation with the local authority, the school identified a group of seniors and approached them with an offer of a course focused on the development of IT skills. Each senior had one pupil who was also their personal assistant.


Access date: 04.12.2020

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