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1 out of 6 pensioners has paid a bribe in the public service (especially in the field of health services), according to the survey from 2018. Seniors are also more likely to believe the disinformation.

Transparency International Slovakia therefore launched a project to raise their awareness called “We owe it to them”. Seniors are riddled with manipulation and corruption that only a quarter of them would report. Their vulnerability is related to lower awareness and also to their ability to distinguish facts from misinformation. Therefore, Transparency prepared a two-year project where they supported the education of seniors in the form of training (within whole Slovakia to educate at least 1,500 seniors) to better protect them from corruption or manipulation.

They also developed:

  • Transparency academy (focused on Local Government, Public expenditure, Justice and info-law, Education, Officials and ethics, Health and Critical thinking via quizzes, guides, practical advice and answers and stories – podcasts);
  • rankings and portals (Ranking of hospitals, Open Local Government, Public companies, Bugles, Open Courts, Open prosecution, Map of family connections in the judiciary, Open government contracts, Corona subsidies);
  • publications and a book called “The power of corruption”.

Source: https://transparency.sk/sk/dlhujemeimto

Access date: 04.11.2021

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