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The DigitalPakt Alter (Digital Pact for Old Age) is an initiative to strengthen the social participation and engagement of older people in a digitalised world. The Digital Pact for Old Age is designed as a longer-term initiative. Together with partner organisations from all areas of society, a wide range of measures to strengthen digital participation are to be advanced in a cooperative and cross-sectoral manner. The focus here is on a self-determined and independent life in old age and includes the fields of action that are described in the Eighth Report on Ageing as living environments: Housing, mobility, social participation, health and care as well as neighbourhoods.

Within the framework of the Digital Pact for Old Age, a funding programme for the establishment and expansion of digital places of experience has been launched. Actors such as “senior citizens’ internet initiatives” that provide low-threshold learning and practice opportunities for older people (in the form of a “digital experience place”) can apply. They are an important and useful addition to other forms of digital education, but need local networking and financial support to be sustainable.

The initiative also offers a regionally sorted database of 150 institutions in Germany that have digital services, networks or assistance and training for seniors.


Access date: 13.05.2022

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