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The Cyberfibel is aimed at all people who are professionally or voluntarily active in consumer counselling or education and who contribute in associations, foundations, educational institutions or federations to support other people in dealing safely with the digital world. The Cyberfibel is the basis for imparting knowledge – and thus also for one’s own knowledge acquisition in the sense of an accompanying reference book.

The Cyberfibel comprises two sections: In the first part, the “digital worlds” show everyday applications of digital technologies in private and professional life. Among other things, it is about reflecting on behaviour on the internet and developing strategies based on this, how internet offers can be used safely and sensibly on an individual basis. In the second part, the “digital competences”, the primer addresses risks in the online world and gives practical recommendations on how to protect yourself and your devices from possible threats from the net. Both areas can be looked at consecutively or independently of each other, as they do not build on each other.

The exercises of the guide convey the basic knowledge in a practical way and expand it. They enable you to acquire strategies and behavioural patterns for the safe and confident use of the Internet on the one hand, and to pass them on to others on the other.

All exercises should be accompanied by a competent person, e.g. the trainer. When doing the exercises at home, a competent family member, acquaintance or friend should be present. In particular, it is important to ensure that no contracts are concluded and no payment obligations are entered into.


Access date: 13.05.2022

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