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The overall objectives of the project:

  • to tackle the gap between ageing population and digital literacy and address the high necessity for digital key competences of seniors, and make digital competences more accessible to them,
  • to strengthen and empower professionals, carers and volunteers working with senior citizens, socalled “front-liners” who are in direct and frequent contact with senior citizens to show and to explain which initiatives and programmes exist for older people to learn how to use online tools that improve their health and life quality.

The specific objectives of the project:

  • to implement an e-platform with an interactive database, searchable after various parameters, that describes and gives access to initiatives, tools and methods and other materials that have been identified and collected in the course of the project, concerning the promotion of digital skills for people living in the 3rd age which are needed to access public services online, to adapt to the digitaloriented world and to feel confident using online tools which help to improve their health and life quality,
  • to elaborate a Catalogue “Ageing in the Digital Age – Best Practice Support for Digital Competences of Seniors” which will give an overview about the current situation of the specific project environment in the partners’ countries. It will be enriched with the outcomes of the transnational meetings of the four meetings in each partner country where experts from the respective national and local seniors’ education organisations, professionals, carers and volunteers working with senior citizens will discuss these issues with the representatives of our strategic partnership,
  • to organise an online interactive Forum for exchange of experience and good practice that will promote networking and exchange activities not only among the partnership and seniors’ education organisations in their countries, but also on a European level. With new translation services, it will become possible to break down language barriers between users from different countries, and to foster exchange and assist initiatives that contribute to the European society as a whole.