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Educational Senior Network (EduSenNet)

„EduSenNet“ is a Erasmus+ Programme project which focused on the learning possibilities of the elderly over 50 on the chosen UTAs and countries with the aim to realise pedagogical research with the outcomes about formal, non-formal and informal learning of the elderly. The partners focused on learning possibilities of UTAs, evaluated them and described links with formal education at the universities.

The main goals of the project supported fulfilment of the learning needs and their development in their own environment. Project topic showed, that learning of the elderly is very important not only for the individuals but for whole society throughout Europe.

Main results:

  • Review Table presenting the learning possibilities revealed in the study
  • Research on learning conditions, methods and learning needs, comparison of results about motivation and barriers of the elderly participants in adult learning programs
  • Curriculum innovation within the study programmes
  • Recommendations for further development of non-formal and informal learning with promotion of the interests of new learners.

The project results have been summarised and documented in the project booklet “Education for seniors in Europe” and brochure “Educational Senior Network”, as well as on the project website.
The project partnership consisted of 7 partners from 6 European countries (Czech republic, the Netherlands, Germany, Slovakia, Sweden and Spain).


Access date: 28.04.2021


The main objective of the SILVER project is to create and implement a distance training which would help to improve skills and employability of people over 50 years old. Project´s mission is to support the discussion with all the relevant stakeholders (employers, training institutions, career advisors), to identify the constraints of seniors in access to qualification and employment and expand the lifelong learning and “silver economy” concepts in companies and training organizations.

The primary objective of the project is to improve qualifications and competences of 50+ people by creating and implementing an innovative training. To create a training which will match the requirements of this target group, they conducted a research and discussed it with relevant stakeholders and seniors.
The training should help people over 50 years old to become more confident when looking for a job or when trying to (re)integrate on the labour market.


Access date: 04.12.2020