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The fit4internet initiative launched training courses for basic digital skills for the 60+ generation. A tailor-made offer to discover the possibilities of the mobile internet, to actively use it and to communicate with it in a modern way.

Smartphone, internet, online shops, official channels – mobility is no longer just a question of physical fitness. In order to be able to participate in social life in the digital age, seniors need digital competence – be it to stay in contact with acquaintances, family and friends, or to carry out everyday tasks in a self-determined way.

The initiative fit4internet kicked off with the taster course “Kaffee Digital” (Coffee Digital) for senior citizens. Professional trainers imparted the necessary basics in a cosy and casual atmosphere so that seniors without (much) experience in the digital world can safely take their first steps on the internet, with mobile phones & co – uncomplicated and free of charge.

In addition to “Kaffee Digital”, the explanatory videos on smartphone use on the website deserve special mention:


Access date: 13.05.2022