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Alarming statistics:

• 70% of falls at home in people 65+ occur while bathing in the bathroom, when access to the phone is impossible.
• More than 40% of people 65+ cannot get up on their own after a fall, so also cannot reach the phone to call for help.
• More than 50% of people, in a moment of danger and stress, are unable to dial the correct phone number for emergency services.

Peace of mind through technology

Telecare is a remote care service that combines modern ICT with the work of professionals to help seniors remain in their homes and individuals with disabilities gain more independence while staying safe. These devices link each individual’s home to remote caregivers who provide real-time support.
This service is a perfect solution for a person who cannot cope with a new life situation (e.g. loneliness, dependence, illness, partner’s condition).
First of all, a senior/customer undergoes an interview with recognition of his/her needs, during which the types of support available are determined. Then, special telecare device is installed in seniors’ houses with the possibility of 24/7 contact with the person under care. There is a special Telecare Centre, where qualified remote caregivers work (people experienced in working with seniors, including medical caregivers, psychologists, senior consultants).
Telecare, in addition to the care function (responding to emergencies, accompanying through sociable calls, supportive calls) also coordinates other activities to support the health of the seniors/customers according to individualized decisions.

How does it work?

  1. The care-recipient wears a small device on his/her wrist or neck at home (portable radio transmitter). It is equipped with a button for summoning help. In addition, a home unit, which allows the system to work throughout the house, is installed in the apartment. It is a two-way communication device. The home unit enables a hands-
    free conversation to take place between the user and telecare provider in order for them to ascertain the problem and take appropriate action.
  2. Pressing the help button in the event of an accident instantly connects to the telecare provider. Regardless of the time of day or night, calls are awaited at the emergency centre by trained caregivers, psychologists, assistants experienced in working with seniors.
  3. The telecare provider, i.e. an employee of the centre, assesses the situation and notifies the persons given as contacts, e.g. a neighbour, son, granddaughter, and, if necessary, calls an ambulance. If the client also has other services included in the package (e.g. teleKARDIO, activization, psychological support), they are then selected according to need. The caregiver remains in contact until help is provided or the problem is resolved.
  4. If a key safe is installed in front of the care-recipient’s home, the telecare provider gives the person called for help the code so that he/she can open the door without unnecessary damage.

Telecare is about comfort and safety for the elderly.

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